**Off Market Drug**
This medication is no longer available in the United States. Information provided here is for reference purposes only.


Trade Name(s)

  • Xeglyze

Ther. Class.


Pharm. Class.

metalloproteinase inhibitors


Head lice.


Inhibits metalloproteinase which prevents lice eggs from hatching.

Therapeutic Effect(s):

Eradication of head lice.


Absorption: Some systemic absorption occurs following topical administration.

Distribution: Unknown.

Protein Binding: Abametapir– 92%;  Abametapir carboxyl– 97%.

Metabolism and Excretion: Primarily metabolized by the liver by the CYP1A2 isoenzyme to an active metabolite, abametapir carboxyl. Excretion pathyway unknown.

Half-life: Abametapir carboxyl– 31–111 hr.

TIME/ACTION PROFILE (eradication of head lice)

Topicalunknown24 hr2 wk


Contraindicated in:

  • Pedi:  Children <6 mo (↑ risk of benzyl alcohol absorption; benzyl alcohol may be associated with "gasping syndrome" in neonates and low birth weight infants.

Use Cautiously in:

  • OB:   Safety not established;
  • Lactation:  Safety not established.

Adverse Reactions/Side Effects

Derm: burning sensation, contact dermatitis, erythema, hair color changes, pruritus, rash

EENT: eye irritation

GI: vomiting

* CAPITALS indicate life-threatening.
Underline indicate most frequent.



May ↑ levels and risk of toxicity of  CYP1A2 substrates,  CYP2B6 substrates, and  CYP3A4 substrates ; avoid use of these medications within 2 wk of abemetapir administration.


Topical (Adults and Children ≥6 mo): Apply amount necessary to coat hair and scalp (up to 1 bottle), message thoroughly, leave in place for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


Topical lotion (contains benzyl alcohol): 0.74%

Potential Diagnoses

  • Activity intolerance
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