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acetaminophen (oral, rectal)

acetaminophen (oral, rectal) is a topic covered in the Davis's Drug Guide.

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acetaminophen (oral, rectal)


Trade Name(s)

  • Abenol [Canada]
  • Acephen
  • Acet [Canada]
  • Children Feverhalt [Canada]
  • Fortolin [Canada]
  • Infant's Feverall
  • Pediaphen [Canada]
  • Pediatrix [Canada]
  • Taminol [Canada]
  • Tempra [Canada]
  • Tylenol

acetaminophen (intravenous)

Trade Name(s)

  • Ofirmev

Pregnancy Category
Category B (oral, rectal)
Category C (intravenous)

Ther. Class.
nonopioid analgesics

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